About Oradea

The City of Oradea has an economy whose structure contains the majority of fields and it represents 63% of the industrial output of the county: car industry, chemistry, textiles and ready-made clothes, knitwear, footwear, leather and furrier’s trade, wood manufacturing, building materials, metallic manufacture, spare parts, plastics, nourishment industry and energetics.

The City of Oradea has a network of public interest institutions and services: transport, designing, constructions, installations, tourism, hotel activity, and import-export

All economic activities are supported by the indispensable assistance of several banks with branches in the city and in the county. The last three banks which opened branches in our city are important international institutions: PIRAEUS BANK, ALPHA BANK and OTP BANK.

Oradea, following the Romanian tendency, is in the transition period towards market economy, the efforts of the local authorities and of businessmen being concentrated on the economic reconstructions, the development of technology, infrastructure and of public services.

The businessman constantly looking for partners, wishing to invest or to find new trade markets for his products, can find in Oradea a suitable starting point. There are multiple business opportunities, our city providing highly qualified personnel in different fields: industry, transport, industrial constructions, services and agriculture.

The real estate market of Oradea has known lately an accelerated increase, reaching relatively identical shares with the real estate markets of Bucharest, Brasov and Timisoara. The up rising trend has been fasten up due to the invitation that Romania has received to adhere to the North- Atlantic structures. In spite of all these, the investment in real estate businesses (houses building, acquisitions and sales) on the market of Oradea were and will continue to be profitable even on short period of time.